Why such low prices?

Miniature Max likes to make sure you get the best deal out there. I look on eBay for the minis I have, find the lowest possible price from an American retailer, and set my price for those minis at or below those prices. Because eBay charges so much for listing and selling (and then PayPal takes their chunk), I can sell to you for less than anyone on eBay charges and still make more money than I would on eBay. Win-win!

What about shipping?

Most small orders will fit into a small cardboard box and ship anywhere in the US for around $5.00. I use only USPS and will always ship the cheapest way possible (unless you request otherwise). The minis are wrapped in bubble-wrap and carefully packaged so as to be as safe as possible during shipping. (You may find a plastic bag in the box, too, if I needed something to keep the minis from rattling around.) The package is weighed and I plug those numbers into USPS's shipping calculator. Once we have your order worked out, I will send you the total cost for everything. 

Where are the pics?

There are so many pictures out there of D&D miniatures and there's just not a lot of variation between miniatures of the same type. If you would like pictures, I can send you a set of pictures with the exact minis I'll be sending to you. If everything looks good, I'll ship them. Also, you can always check www.minisgallery.com for generic pictures of the minis. 

What if I don't have specific minis that I want, can you just find me the cheapest of a certain type?

I actually really enjoy putting together sets and building encounters based on your needs for your game. I have been known to modify minis, repaint them, or even custom 3d-print them to get what my clients need to make their games awesome. And I  do it all at a fair price!


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